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The Hellbound Heart
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Monday, July 21st, 2008
11:17 pm
What's this? Is Myq actually posting?
Here's a meme a friend of mine is starting.

Take a few moments and post the 10 weirdest moments from your life. Here are 10 from mine:

1. Drunk dancing around a fire wearing a gold bikini while a tranny was staring angrilly at me

2. Having my reflection in the mirror wink at me thanks to the ghost in our bathroom.

3. Smoking from a hooka at an egyptian restaurant while a middle eastern girl salsa danced for us at a bachelor party

4. having friends plot my suicide

5. Starring in a vampire/detective/soap opera that aired on a college TV station while still in high school

6. Being a janitor at the recording studio where New Kids On The Block recorded while two of the founders of New York hard core were working on an album

7. Being driven around Nassau, Bahamas by a drunk cab driver looking for an ATM that will take my card so we can pay a hair braider late at night.

8. Wishing my tattoo artist/body piercer a happy birthday as he's guaging up my prince albert

9 Seeing Tapping the Vein in concert where a bunch of big scary metal guys (me included) wereing singing "What am I? I wish I was a butterfly."

10. Trying to convince a friend that he really did have a tape worm that he got on a nonexistant trip to the Amazon.
Saturday, May 3rd, 2008
6:33 pm
Thursday, January 24th, 2008
4:21 pm
What Do You Have To Say? - Tools of My Trade
What work tools could you not live without?

ball peen hammer, rivet set, rivets, leather, leather punch, buckles, shears
Tuesday, January 15th, 2008
4:32 pm
Remember me?
You should all come check out www.wickedfaire.com It's a ren faire for a slightly more "mature" crowd. And The Circle will be fighting there on Saturday the 9th.
Thursday, July 12th, 2007
3:40 pm
Tandy Leather Sale
The Allentown Tandy Leather is having a huge Pre-Pennisc Sale. Send email orders to allentown@tandyleather.com and get 50% off EVERYTHING plus free shipping. Just mention you're a Marklander or SCAdian and your household, barony and or kingdom. Hurry it's only till the 21st.
Monday, April 30th, 2007
4:57 pm
Friday, November 3rd, 2006
10:03 am
Almost forgot
For past 10 or so years, the month of October has been horrible for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the fall and leaves changing color, and the weather getting cooler, and especially Halloween. But for some reason my bi-polar disorder usually took a turn for the worse during my favorite month, and I’d spend a lot of time generally depressed if not in tears.

But this past October was different. I’ve been happy every day. And I owe it all to T. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. Even during those brief periods of not fighting with L, it was never like this. I go to sleep thinking about her, wake up thinking about her, (I guess it helps that just about every night I’m over her place or she’s at mine). When I’m at work, I’m hoping she’ll email me. I know a bunch of you will say that this is just because this is a new relationship, but I’ve felt like this about her since we both started hanging out and stuff over a year ago. The only difference is that now I know she feels the same.

Enough of that mushy stuff I return you to your regularly scheduled Myq.
Thursday, November 2nd, 2006
9:43 pm
Hey remember me?
Well since I've gotten a bit of a life I'll fill you all in on it, get comfortable.

10/01 A bunch of us went to PennRen. i think I posted about this.

!0/02 I turned 31. Two of my coworkers took me out for lunch and we were gonna go pumpkin picking afterwards, but decided to return to work instead.

10/6-10/8 Planned on going to a Markland event in Maryland, but instead decided to take the weekend off with T, had loads of fun. We also went on the Cape May Ghost tour with Caro and Kin Ryu.

10/13 - 10/15 I forget which day it was, but at some point in the weekend T and I went to Great Adventure for Frightfest. We had fun and learned a valueable lesson; Never go on the Hayride. The line lasts hours, and the ride isn't that good, but on the bright side, I touched a ghoul, and made another one laugh

!0/20 - 10/21 T and I went apartment hunting. We saw a couple that looked reasonable and one that we're both really interested in.

!0/28 T's mom got married. It was an insanely long day. We got up at like 8 to go decorate the reception hall, then found out it was bigger than we were told. We got to the wedding late, cuz we were busy decorating. But they couldn't start without us, cuz we had the license. I almost fell asleep during the ceremony, then almost had a "Tuscan moment". We planne don ducking out of the reception around 7 to go to Fox's party. That didn't work out to well. We left the reception around 10, and got to the party around 12 We had a good time, and T did a great job with my makeup. Everyone comented on it.

!0/29 T and I went down to hang with Bob, who I haven't seen in like forever, and T never met. We had fun and watched bad movies, and i found a new one I must own. "Curse of the Queer-wolf:"

!0/31 T and I marched in the Toms River Halloween Parade. We had fun, and got our name out there, we might be doing the Mummers Parade too.

This weekend T and I plan on more apartment hunting.

Don't you feel all caught up and informed now?
Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006
1:07 pm
Birthday weekend happenings
Friday night my parents took Tina and I out to dinner. They met Tina once before briefly at Lakewood, but Tina was in her garb which doesn’t leave much to the imagination, and she was busy working, they had stuff they wanted to see, etc. So it wasn’t the ideal situation for a first time meeting my parents. Tina was kinda nervous, but everything went fine, and my mom told me how much they both like her.

Saturday instead of normal Markland practice we had a mask making workshop so we’d all be ready for the upcoming Lost Boys masquerade ball. After we were all pretty much done we went out to Finnegan’s for “Circle Bowling Night” We all had a good time and generally made asses of ourselves. We had to call it a semi-early night though because a bunch of us were going to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in the morning.

I woke up early to the sound of my cell phone ringing, it was Kin Ryu calling asking if we were still going because it was raining out. I said yes the plans were still on, because the faire is like 100 miles west of us. He decided not to go though. Tina woke up a little bit later and we got ready to go, Fox, Ciara, and S showed up right on time. Big S, Aiden, Raven and whoever else had planned to mete us there. The ride out was uneventful but long, and made longer by the fact that the exit we’d normally take to get to the faire was under construction and we had to take one further east and use back roads to get to the faire.

The faire was fun as always. I got Tina a dragon puppet, a knife and a leather halter top, I also got us shackles and manacles. Fox, Ciara, and S got me some bling. Fox and I got new swords. Fox and Ciara got masks. And Fox got Ciara got a new dress. We met up with Big S who hung with us for the rest of the day. We briefly saw Aiden, Raven, and J as well as some people from Scarlet Cross.

At one point Fox and I went to drop stuff off at the car, and that’s when we realized what bad Vikings we are. We couldn’t find our way out of the “village we were raiding”. We walked right past the main gates and the exit sign. Then when we got out, we couldn’t find our “boat”, and wandered around the “harbor” for a while. When we got back we got some food and then watched the “Fire Show” walked around a lot, everyone but me and Tina watched the joust.

The one thing I missed that I wanted to see was the Pirate Auction, but I had a good reason, I was helping Tina get fitted for her halter top. After her fitting we all went to the Dragon puppet raffle. None of us won anything, but we did see something really cool. A guy won a dragon puppet, and apparently a small child near him really liked it, or was sad she didn’t win, so the guy just gave it to her. From the looks of things this was like a $75 puppet. The guy who ran the booth and raffle was so touched by this act of kindness he offered the original winner a grand prize package in addition to the grand prizes he was going to give out at the end of the raffle.

After the raffle we left, nothing special on the way home. When we got back to my place Tina gave me my present Abarat Volumes 1 & 2 by Clive Barker. Of course she gave me more than that when we went to bed ;)

Monday (my actual birthday) the office took me out to lunch. After lunch we came really close to going pumpkin picking. Did I tell you how cool job is recently? Then was fight practice, but there was a lack of fighters and daylight, so we just hung out and went to the diner. At practice I got a card from Kin Ryu and C, which promised a better present, was coming as soon as they made up their minds about it. Tina bought me dinner at the Diner. After the diner we went back to Kin Ryu and C’s place for some Halloween trivia. And later that night I got the best birthday present ever. I bet you’re all just dieing to know what it is.
Wednesday, September 6th, 2006
12:26 pm
Holy Wet
After work Friday night I had some shopping to do, then I went to pick up Tina and we were gonna head out to Holy War. But, because of Tina’s busy week, she had no time to pack, so I waited while she threw some garb and clothes in a bag, then we had to go shopping for camp food and alcohol. The directions we had weren’t all that great, they’d say turn, but not which way to turn. So we ended up getting there after 9:00. For those of you that haven’t tried it yet, setting up a tent in the dark, and during a storm is oh so much fun. But we got it done. We also discovered some leaks in the rain fly. Lucky for me I had a couple of disposable plastic painter’s drop clothes in my camp box. I used them to make a “tent condom”. It worked ok, but a bunch of stuff still got soaked.

Saturday it was raining off and on throughout the morning and early afternoon. When it finally stopped, we played a new game called “Frisbee Hack”. One group of people throw Frisbees to the other group who is waiting down range with sharpened, live steel swords. I think you can figure it out form there. Saturday night was the big party night of the war. There was a bit of drama, but that’s to be expected with the group.

Sunday we were finally able to fight. I wasn’t though. Part of the process for becoming a knight in the Circle is to be a reeve, and run an event, or part of one. I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone, and reeve/run the fighting part of Holy War. I didn’t have that much to do, since it was all veteran fighters there. Basically I walked around watching the fighting, called holds and lay-ons, and came up with the scenarios.

Sunday night was everyone just chillin’ by the fire, swapping stories and what not, it wasn’t really rowdy, but loads of fun, especially when Critter and Anna kept on catching “deer” in their headlights.

Monday we broke camp and headed out. Tina and I hit a diner on the way home, dropped off my camping gear, cleaned up, took a nap, and then went to hang with Kin Ryu and Carolina.

One last thing I forgot, Tina and I have finally solidified our relationship. We’re officially dating now!!!
Monday, August 28th, 2006
4:20 pm
Thursday, August 24th, 2006
8:52 pm
I'm back and taking a breather
Well I survived another Pennsic and will post a real update soon.

Until then here's a bit of a stream of consciousness teaser.

munchkin, the land of metaphoria drunken princess, meat grinder, plague, rain in hell, more munchkin, the power of critter, meating cron, making friends, looking for a party , men without pants, "1 2 3 fuck", critter's revenge, a very bad night, the rogues, looking for more fun, left alone in camp, "eat it, drink it, burn it" dueling banjos, happy guy moment, it's over, real food, the endless drive, back to mundania.

Are you interests peaked yet?
Thursday, August 10th, 2006
7:24 pm
Off to war
Ok people, tomorrow night I'm off to Pennsic and won't be near a 'puter till next Saturday or Sunday. I'll have my cell phone with me, but will probably be having too much fun to answer it. TTYL
Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
10:36 pm
Communication problems
My cell phone is dead. I went to the cell phone store, they don't even do exchanges in house. They gave me a number to call and Cingular will send me a new phone. Even with "express" shipping I won't have a phone till some time Monday. So if you need call my house line, or catch me online, but even that will be spotty since I'll be house sitting for friends this week, I'll be home a couple nights though. Maybe it's time for tin cans on a string.
Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
10:25 pm
Woo Hoo
I got a car again!!!! It's a 2000 Honda CRV with 72,000 miles on it. It's a 4 cylinder, so it gets good gas mileage, and it's got tons of room for carrying all my Markland/SCA gear. On top of that I'm physically better, and will be going to and fighting at Pennsic!

I also wanted to thank all of you who were worried about me, who helped me out, kept me company, gave me rides, or just offered to help out. It really means a lot to me.
Friday, July 28th, 2006
10:27 am
A day later and things are looking better.
I'm not nearly as sore as I thought I'd be, but I do have one new pain, my right ribs. I guess that's from hitting or leaning on the center console, or my pole-arms. I called Geico and found out it'll be like 6 business days till an adjuster gets to look at the car. I called out of work again, but told them I will be in on Monday.

Now I've got a few options as to how I'm gonna get there.

Option 1. Rent a car - I called one local rental agency and was quoted $217.95 a week with 100 free miles a day and $0.45 each additional mile. I'm waiting to hear back from another local place.

Option 2. One of my parents rents a car and I borrow their car, that way I don't have to worry about putting a ton of miles on the car.

Option 3. Go car shopping, get a loan to pay for the car and then pay for it when I get my insurance check.

Option 4. By an inexpensive temporary car to get me around for a couple months so I can be better prepared when I go car shopping.

I'm thinking option 4 is my best bet, but I'm willing to entertain other thoughts if you have any.

I didn't sleep to good last night. I got a couple hours straight, then I kept waking up tossing and turning. Also when I'd close my eyes I felt like I was spinning...not good.
Thursday, July 27th, 2006
5:16 pm
What a day.
As many of you know, I've spent the past 6 years working grave shift. I'd get home about 9:00 am then go right to bed, and wake up around 5 or 6 pm, chill for a couple hours and then leave for work at 11:00. That was how my body clock was set until last week when I started my new job. Today I learned the problems with rapidly alternating between nocturnal and diurnal.

I was heading to work on the parkway when I started to nod off. I was on the parkway in the fast lane I swerved off the road onto the shoulder and hit the "rumble strip" that's made to wake up sleeping drivers. It worked. I woke up and freaked swerving back onto the road, in the process I did a 180, and went off the parkway on the other side, as I went down the embankment the car rolled over at least one full time then came to rest on the driver's side in the woods. A road crew was there cleaning up the trash and they came over to see if I was ok, then a passing off duty paramedic showed up, and called the police. A couple of state troopers showed up and helped me get out of the car. I sat down in the grass while I wasted for the EMT's. I was pretty shaken up and my left shoulder hurt, I decided to go to the hospital.

As I was being transported and while waiting in the emergency room, a couple other things started to hurt, my back, my left ankle, and left wrist. I had a bunch of x-rays done and a check up by one of the doctors. I've got a slight sprain of my ankle, and a slightly worse sprain of my wrist that I was given a splint for. I called my mom at work to get a ride home, and called work to explain why I wasn't there. I also called a couple friends to let them know what happened.

After mom showed up we went to where they towed my car to get some stuff out of it, and see the damage. The car was totaled. The people I talked to were amazed I came out of it looking so good. I got all my stuff out, including my weapons and armor (they look to be ok), and headed home.

On the way home, my mom felt the need to give me the "god talk" again, I just grunted and nodded where appropriate, she took he hint and changed the topic. At some point I fell asleep in the car and woke up just as we were pulling off the parkway. Mom told me she was half considering pulling onto the shoulder and the rumble strip while I was sleeping as a joke. So for all you that wondered where I got my twisted evil sense of humor look no further.

Now I'm sitting home chilling, I gotta call Geico, and then find a rental car to get me to work, I've got rental re-reimbursement.

Fucked up thing #1 I got in the accident about 15 minutes from work
Fucked up thing #2 I sprained my masturbation wrist
Fucked up thing #3 When the car came to a stop, the CD player was still playing like nothing happened
Fucked up thing #4 Once I calmed down and realized I was ok, one of the first things I though was "This is gonna make a cool LJ entry.
Tuesday, July 18th, 2006
10:45 pm
New job
So I woke up Monday morning to go to work, I step outside and there was this big yellow thing in the sky. Since it was new to me I started up trying to figure what it could be, next thing I know, my eyes started hurting. After talking with some friends and family I learned this yellow hurty thing is called the Sun, and it's up there every day?! How do you people deal with it?

But, anyway, the new job is cool I'm actually enjoying my work. The people there seem cool. I've got a spiffy new title "Applications Engineer", and they even gave me keys to the building.I feel special
Sunday, July 16th, 2006
4:14 am
And so it ends...
Well, here I am more than half-way through my last night at Showboat. It's been 6 long years. I thought I'd sum up those years with a couple quick lists of what I will and won't miss about this place. Can you guess which one will be longer?


playing "Spot the Hooker" whenever I'm on the floor
SOME of the people
the rare occasions when the food in the cafeteria was good, it was like a mini holiday
taking naps at work
watching movies at work
reading at work
using the computers provided by work to publicly bash the company


driving through AC and having it's denizens decide at random to walk out in traffic
MOST of the people
the food in the cafeteria
being expected to do a job when I'm mis-informed if informed at all as to what's going on any given day
not having the tools necessary to do my job
being bored to tears at work
not being trusted by my bosses
not being respected by my bosses
having to beg to get a weekend off and then being rejected
working just about every friggan holiday
the shitty pay
finding a new reason every day to say "I hate this place."
biting my tongue on a regular basis to stop from telling people what idiots they are

I could go on, but my lunch break is almost up. Yeah I know, "What are they gonna do? Fire you?" But I do like Bob, my coworker, and don't feel the need to make him work on his own any more than he has to. I've been there quite often and it sucks.

Well wish me luck. I start the new job Monday and hopefully it'll be a hole lot better than this.
Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
4:45 am
I've acted without thinking again...
... but I'm so good at it, I might as well keep it up.

As you all know, I've got a new job starting Monday, and in the near future plan on moving closer to the new job, possibly into the same trailer park that several of my friends live.

Sunday night I was hanging with C and Kin Ryu, when C mentioned that one of her neighbors has kittens for adoption and if I wanted one, the neighbor would hold it till after Pennsic, then C would be willing to give it a temporary home till I moved. So I went to see the kittens. Of course they were cute and cuddly and full of kitten goodness. Add that to Caro's offer and how could I pass it up. So I picked one out. Monday I was haning with Caro and Kin Ryu again, and T as well. She is also looking for a new place to live, and likes kittens, so she ended up getting two from C's neighbor.

The neighbor wasn't willing to hold 4 kittens (did I mention C picked one as well) for a month, so C took them all home. So after fight practice it was kitten love fest.

Now mind you, I have NO IDEA when or where I'm moving, and if I don't get into the park, will I be able to find a place that allows pets? or god forbid if this job doesn't work out, IF I'm moving. But if for whatever reason things I'll find a way to make it work. I can think of a couple people that might be in need of a kitten, or maybe I'll just through caution to the wind and sneak it in to where I end up if it's not pet friendly.

P.S. Damn you C for being so accommodating and persuasive!
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